They say redhead's are the hottest in bed, and this one loves to prove it! She loves smoking and playing naughty bedroom games in her lacy black bra and panties. Think you can handle her? Maybe you better read a little more about her before you answer that question. Just be prepared to be driven mad with delight if you're lucky enough to have her ask you for a cigarette!

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A Women Who Smokes

"I admit it, smoking turns me on. I love everything about it - the whole ritual of lighting up, casually blowing smoke as you work or relax. I even love it during sex! Yeah, I have a smoking fetish, but it's much more than that, it's about feeling sexy and naughty at the same time, you know? I think there is nothing more sensual than a pretty woman, dressed (or undressed, hehe) with a cigarette in her hand giving you that "come hither" look. I find I can seduce just about ANY man that way. But my favorite smoking attire is a bra and lacy pair of skimpy black panties. When I'm at home I often lounge about with a cigarette in my hand dressed like that. And there's something else I like to do when I smoke... "

A Smoking BJ

"I love giving a man some nice slow head while smoking. Having his hard cock in one hand and repeatedly taking drags on my cigarette and sucking his cock, blowing big blue-white clouds of smoke gently all over the swollen head and shaft. Have you ever had a woman blow smoke on your cock? Trust me, once you've tried a smoking BJ you'll KNOW what erotic is! Imagine the warmth of a woman's mouth on the head of your cock made even hotter by the addition of tingling smoke....mmmmmmm, I can almost cum myself just thinking about it. And the orgasms my lovers have are ALWAYS intense! I just love feeling their hot semen spraying all over my face and hair when they finally cum! You should see how their eyes light up when I ask them if they have a cigarette, hehe..."
redhead girl smoking a cigarette picture
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redhead girl smoking a cigarette picture

Are Redheads Always Horny?

"Yes! Redhead's are always horny! I must get asked that question at least once a month. But I don't mind, because it's true. Every girlfriend of mine that has red hair says the same thing - they think about sex 24/7 and are ALWAYS on the lookout for some fresh sexual adventures. Not to say we're all sluts, it's just we have an above average sex drive I think. I haven't read any studies on it, but I bet you a carton of expensive French cigarettes that most of the sex addicts you hear about are redheads! So I guess I'm in good company, huh?"

Do I Smoke During Sex?

"Do I smoke during sex? YES! Always! Okay, obviously not when I'm kissing or making out with my man, but the rest of the time pretty much. I do so love laying back and smoking a cigarette as my man sensually licks my pussy or ass. I try to make smoke rings in time to the motion of his hot tongue swirling over my clit or around my anus. I guess I must be a bit of an oral freak if I love that and smoking so much, huh? I never thought about it, you know, it's just part of having a smoking fetish I guess..."
redhead girl smoking a cigarette picture
redhead girl smoking a cigarette picture

Could You Handle A Smoking Redhead?

"I know that seems a bit cocky, but you don't know how many men I've met who brag about being big studs and then turn out to be total duds! And I don't mean the size of their cocks or anything like that, I just mean they say things like they'll "rock your world" all night and after a few hours they're done and gasping, LOL. I'm not quite a nympho, but like all redheads I do love to fuck a lot.... and smoke... and fuck... and smoke...hehe, do I see a pattern developing here? Maybe the problem isn't with them, it's ME? OMG! I think I just figured it out, I'm a smoking redhead nymphomaniac with a passion for oral sex and cigarette BJs! LOL!"

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