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"My boyfriend loves me to smoke a cigarette while he does me from behind in the bed. We call it the "Smoking Doggy" position, LOL! He says seeing the clouds of white smoke escaping from my mouth as he slams me gets him hot as hell. It's great, but the only drag is that the ashes fall on the bed sheet and sometimes burn a hole! I can't tell you how many sets of new sheets we have ruined because of that! LOL! And in hotels? Forget it! The maids were ALWAYS complaining and bitching to the management!"

Topless Smoking

"I admit it, I'm a total exhibitionist and enjoy letting people see me half-dressed or naked. I often go out on the balcony of my apartment to have a cigarette - topless! Lots of older guys are walking their dogs at that time of night and looking up to see some topless babe casually smoking makes them look twice! LOL! I even had one guy's wife (who was walking with him) yell up to me that I was a "Damn Jezebel" who would go to Hell for parading around with my bare breasts out for all the world to see! HA! Didn't stop her old man from checking out my tits, I can tell you that!"
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Uncensored XXX Smoking Fetish Women And Girls Here

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Smoking Fetish?

"I love to smoke, but I'm not really what you would call a hardcore fetish person. Although in college once I had a boyfriend who wanted me to suck his cock and smoke a cigarette at the same time. He said the feeling of the hot smoke in my mouth flowing around the head of his cock made it all the more intense and arousing. Did I? Sure, it was fun. Did he get off? What do YOU think? Having a young girl sucking your cock would get ANY man off wether she was smoking or not, right?"

Smoking Naked

"I'm a nudist and love being in the buff as much as I can. At the spa that I go to they don't allow smoking so all of us smokers have to sneak off to behind the bathrooms and have a quick puff. Can you imagine 20 to 30 adults, all nude, having to sneak a cigarette like some school kid? It's totally stupid, but those are the rules, so what are you going to do? Of course in my apartment I'm free to smoke and walk around naked to my heart's content. Now if I could just get them to let me smoke naked at the office!"
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